Supply Chain Partners.

Sustainium are currently seeking supply partners across all areas of our operations.

If you supply high quality home improvements products, whether that be windows and doors, of all material types, conservatory and solid roofs, garden buildings, trims and silicones or any number of ancillary products we would love to talk to you. We do not preclude the likes of installation vans or any other product or service.

What can we offer you?

A commitment to a flow of orders that will only increase in number, backed by sound finances and a long-term partnership.

A chance to partner with a group with a real appetite for change and continuous improvement within our industry and to help us shape the future.

What do we seek in return?

Customer service levels that are the exception to the rule.

Support in our goal to achieve an outstanding range of showrooms across our group.
Ongoing product and service training to support and enhance our staff.

Either a proven track record or a definitive plan to achieve the maximum levels of sustainability within the scope of your organisation and an ethos of having your employees be the most important element of the business.

Likely Impact AreaWhat we will do as the norm or how we aim to improve
Office heating and electricityEach of our offices and showrooms will be insulated above and beyond the requirement of current building regulations. Where possible we will install air source heat pumps or similar and solar panels. We will only purchase electricity from suppliers who guarantee 100% green sources.
Vans and fuelOur van fleet will all comply with Euro 5 diesel emissions standards and all new purchases will have to meet the very latest standards. All vans will be fitted with speed limiters to maximise the efficiency of fuel use and carbon emissions. Within the next 5 years we aim to replace all diesel fuelled vans with electric equivalents. The technology is not quite there at present in terms of range and carrying loads for vans but as soon as it is, we will be the first to take advantage.
Employee commutingWhere it is possible and suitable for the member of staff to, we will give them the ability to work from home rather than use fossil fuelled transport to get to and from work.
Offsetting CarbonBy installing, as standard, ‘A’ rated windows and doors and replacing old polycarbonate roofs on conservatories to new thermally efficient solid versions we are helping our customers reduce energy costs and their own carbon footprints. The Energy Savings Trust estimates savings of up to £110 per year for a three bedroomed home with ‘A’ rated windows alone.
WasteAll of our businesses will have specific facilities for the recycling of old PVC frames, glass and any other relative material. All skip and waste partners will have to achieve a minimum 95% diversion from landfill to be able to work with us.
With Every OrderWhatever product has been purchased from our group as part of our thank you to our customers we provide an either an Oak sapling or Bee Bomb plant seeds to encourage the local Bee population, for planting in their own garden or a place of their choice – ensuring a positive environmental impact for the benefit of future generations.