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Sustainium is building a group of world-class home improvement companies that think differently.

We believe that homeowners deserve innovative, quality products and wonderful customer experience. And we believe our companies should provide this in an ethical and sustainable way. As a British home improvement group, we are committed to reducing our carbon footprint, providing energy-efficient and environmentally friendly solutions and maintaining a culture that values and invests in our people.


Sustainium is building a national presence providing top quality, sustainable and energy-efficient home improvement products.

If you would like a quote on new windows, a new front or back door, bifold doors or patio doors, sash windows, a conservatory upgrade, a new boiler or other energy-efficient home improvements, please complete our short form.

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Home Improvement Companies

Sustainium is building a nationwide group of world-class home improvement companies. We are currently acquiring proud owner-managed businesses that share our vision of quality and service. Perhaps you wish to retire or want to pursue other interests. Or don’t have the resources or investment to grow your business. Maybe you are facing business challenges and it is time to let someone else give a fresh perspective. For a no-obligation, confidential discussion under a non-disclosure agreement to protect all parties, please provide the following information and we will contact you.

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